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This Couple Have Spent 7 Years in the New Zealand Wilderness

True adventure is when you interact with the nature directly and for a long time.

You hit the road and leave everything behind – the city life, the luxuries, everything. This video shows a couple who does exactly the same. They have no place to go and hence they spend 7 years of their life in a land of total wilderness and seclusion. The woman is from Holland, which is considered one of the busiest countries in the world. But she chose to live in the wilderness of New Zealand.

The man claims that he likes to take risks. So, this is what it is all about. People have lived like this for thousands of years and so this couple thinks that it is very much possible to do it even in this age. Every day starts with problem solving and surviving, difficult weather conditions and uncomfortable living arrangements. But they managed and finally made it.

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