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Man vs Nature Lion Vs Man Theif Vs Lion

What happens when you have a horde of lions in front of you?

Definitely, your heart starts to beat faster and your whole body becomes alert. This video is a perfect description of how a man competes with nature to achieve his goal. The lions are feasting upon their prey when three men approach them to steal their food. The lions leave their prey and move away.

The video is a thriller because not everybody is courageous enough to confront even a single lion. And these men practically robbed around fifteen lions without even getting hurt! The adventure is quite enjoyable because the lions return to their prey safe and sound and took the remains to a harmless place to feast upon it once again. The men took their share back to the cave where they lived, cooked the meat and then ate it. Beautifully made, this documentary is a must watch for all those who think nobody is brave enough to rob lions.

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