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25 Survival Myths That Could Actually Hurt You

Survival in wilderness calls for determination and commitment.

If you’re not resolute, you might give up pretty soon. Here is a list of 25 survival myths that you hear all the time but they are not true and they can actually hurt you while you’re struggling to survive all alone. For example, people might tell you that all you need is two sticks to light up a fire. You need much more than that. You are going to need storm proof matches and would also need to develop this skill.

Moreover, watching survival videos alone is not going to prepare you for the life in the wilderness. Similarly, drinking from a cactus is not going to quench your thirst. You also need to bring with you a first-aid kit because it is simply not possible to find everything right there to treat the wounds and burns. Find out many other myths like these by watching this interesting video.

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