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Nature is a huge playground



Whether you like to go on long trips or small walks, whether you enjoy the sea or the high mountains or just want to relax inside a tent... everything could end up being an unforgetable adventure! Nature has so many different landscapes, so picking an activity especially for your character is extremelly easy. Rivers, mountains, deserts, caves, lakes, forests and so many other wonderful places are waiting for you to explore...


We are a group of five people with the same passion for outdoor activities. Our favorite sports are trekking, sailing, snowboarding, cycling and motorcycling, though we also enjoy other activities once in awhile. So each of us likes something different, but we all enjoy being in nature and pushing ourselves to the next level.

We believe that the most important thing when going on outdoor activities, is having the right clothing and equipment. So, we thought that it would be nice to be able to find all the stuff that we need in just one website and we decided to make it happen! We always try to provide all the best quality products, so that you spend the least time looking for what you need to take with you and the most time organising your trip.

As the time went by, we came up with a cupple more ideas. One of them was displaying interesting adventure videos. Some of the videos provide helpful tips or information about places, when others are just fun to watch! Our second idea was to create a directory of adventure blogs, so that you can read interesting articles about your favorite outdoor sports and get informed about various news regarding your passion.

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