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Red Bull Rampage 2016

This is one of the best edited videos of the Red Bull Rampage showing some of the best moments for the riders.

You will see them getting ready and then taking their bikes down for the adventure. There are jumps and crashes, easy terrains and difficult ones, and many other adventurous and exciting moments that you will thoroughly enjoy especially if you are a biker yourself. The downhill freeride crashes are also featured to make it more exhilarating.

Some of the tracks are quite steep, which makes the video even more thrilling. The riders shown are definitely some of the most expert bikers in the world. Their skillful maneuvering of the bikes is apparent from the way they manage to ride along any kind of path. But there are a few crashes as well so be ready for those while you enjoy the video. These are definitely are best moments in every rider’s adventurous journey.

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