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Vouliagmeni Lake

The video has a funny twist to it as a man attempts free diving in Vouliagmeni, Greece.

Have fun watching this Greek version of a truly fantastic and utterly daring underwater experience by this courageous man. The man holds his breath throughout the adventure. He takes a plunge in the deep water totally unguided and without using any specialized equipment. He arrives at the base easily swimming and finding his way along a tunnel.

The entire adventure is about 4 minutes long with many instances to be amazed of. This is truly a display of extreme courage and audacity and he never shows that he is scared of the surroundings. He climbs up a rift without any trouble. But the funny part starts when the man thinks he has achieved his purpose and is suddenly pushed back by another diver. He is shown disappearing down the rift as he has been pushed and the video ends here.

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