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Motorcycle Himalayan tour shot with GoPro

This video has been shot with GoPro and features a motorcycle ride tour along the mighty Himalayas.

The views are completely breathtaking and the adventure is both thrilling and empirical. There are many different types of terrains that you witness along the way. You can also see amazing wildlife in the video featuring many animals like squirrels. Moreover, the weather shown in the video is quite remarkable and the changing conditions look stunning.

The video has been professionally shot and there is never a dull moment throughout the tour. The competence of the camera is clear in the entire video. There is a 360 degrees footage shown, which was taken using centriphone. The adventure is made even more exciting with the beautiful soundtrack. The editor has done a great job here as there are many shots – all packed into a short film. You are definitely going to love this trip video!

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