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Alone 180 Days on Lake Baikal

This documentary film features Sylvain Tesson who is a famous adventurer.

In this video he spends six months alone on Lake Baikal and the documentary is about an hour long. Those who love travel and extreme adventures are going to love this video. Sylvain is also a writer and he is shown writing in the video at many instances. He also claims that books are his best friends. He cuts wood in the afternoon to keep the stove going.

The temperature is around 30 below the freezing point and the adventurer tells you that working keeps him warm. He is also shown playing chess to keep himself company and from going mad. The lake itself is very beautiful and you will not just enjoy this adventure but also the scenery and the weather. The video starts with winter and then proceeds on to show the month of July when summer arrives and the beauty returns to the landscape.

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