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Sailing Adventure from Nordkapp to Stockholm

This video features a 45-days long solo sailing adventure trip 2500 km long.

This video features a 45-days long solo sailing adventure from Nordkapp (Norway) to Stockholm and the entire trip is 2500 km long. The sailor is aboard an inflatable catamaran boat, weighing 35 kgs, extremely portable and very sturdy. The expedition was full of exploration; every day was packed with new surprises for the sailor. The weather remained pleasant throughout the trip so there was no uneasiness or difficulty.

The inflatable catamaran is easy to set up and therefore the sailor didn’t have any trouble in its reassembly after every stop. It has enough space for a comfortable and relaxed journey. The sailor thoroughly enjoyed each and every stop because of the beauty of the country and wrote his daily experiences on a journal. Every new day started with renewed courage, enthusiasm, and a keen interest to explore more natural beauty. The adventure was an overall success.

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